Will Dental Bonding Help My Smile?

Things can happen over the course of your life that can affect your smile. Tooth decay might set in, your teeth may become cracked, chipped or discolored, roots can become exposed or a filling may need to be replaced. At Premier Dental Care we offer dental bonding to restore your smile. Dental bonding is one… Read more »

Tips for Treating Tooth Extractions

Before and after a tooth extraction, it is important to make sure your mouth gets the treatment it needs to ensure it can have the best recovery possible. Listed below are a few tips and tricks to help make sure your oral health care is a success: – The most important guideline for treatment after… Read more »

Is Your Smile Ready for Dental Bridge Treatments?

Is your smile ready for dental bridge treatments? Dental bridges are a highly effective type of tooth replacement therapy designed to accurately fill in voids left behind by missing and lost teeth by directly attaching to nearby or neighboring teeth for a durable hold that will last. Dental bridges look natural and will meticulously match… Read more »

An Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer Screening is an Important Part of Your Routine Dental Exam

Your routine dental exam at Premier Dental Care is an important element of maintaining good oral health throughout your life. The exam starts with a meticulous dental cleaning and polishing to remove all traces of tartar and surface dental stains. Your dentist will then examine your teeth and all other oral tissues to detect any… Read more »

The Quest for a Bright & Beautiful Smile

Are your teeth yellowed or stained? If you would like a brighter, more radiant smile, ask our dentist about teeth whitening in Nampa, Idaho. At Premier Dental Care, we offer both in-office and at-home teeth whitening treatments. In-Office Teeth Whitening As the name suggests, in-office teeth whitening is done in our office by Dr. Joel… Read more »

The Acidic Foods Quiz

Harmful bacteria in our mouths have the capabilities to convert substances in food, such as sugars, into harmful acids capable of eating through your precious tooth enamel. In addition, some foods are already overly acidic to begin with and can damage your teeth. For more information, take the following acidic foods quiz: Which of the… Read more »

What is a Dental Emergency?

You probably know that emergencies can be extremely stressful and that emergencies can be much worse if you aren’t prepared in advance. However, if you know what to do during an emergency, the unpleasant experience may be much easier to deal with. For instance, if one of your teeth falls out and is in one… Read more »

Composite Fillings Can Match Your Teeth Color

Composite fillings are tooth colored fillings that match your tooth color. By altering and blending the color, composites can be designed to blend seamlessly with nearly any type of tooth color combination imaginable. Composites can are excellent choices to combat cavities in your mouth. Consider the following benefits of tooth-colored composite fillings: – For cavities that… Read more »

Dealing with Cavities and Tooth Decay

We know how frustrating it can be for a patient to develop a cavity even after practicing the daily routines of brushing and flossing. We know that sometimes even though good habits are practiced involving your dental care, a cavity can still occur. Don’t kick yourself, Dr. Joel R. Bingham offers several treatments to help… Read more »

Tooth Sensitivity from Enamel Erosion Can Be Reduced with Fluoride

Enamel erosion is a term used to describe the demineralization of tooth enamel. This often occurs when poor oral hygiene or the regular consumption of acidic foods and beverages depletes the mineral density of your teeth. This can cause deep microscopic pores through the tooth enamel, exposing the sensitive dentin layer within. Many people with… Read more »