Tooth Sensitivity from Enamel Erosion Can Be Reduced with Fluoride

Enamel erosion is a term used to describe the demineralization of tooth enamel. This often occurs when poor oral hygiene or the regular consumption of acidic foods and beverages depletes the mineral density of your teeth. This can cause deep microscopic pores through the tooth enamel, exposing the sensitive dentin layer within. Many people with… Read more »

A Dental Implant Can Replace a Severely Decayed Tooth

When a tooth develops a cavity, the area of decay will inevitably start to spread. The rate at which it compromises and afflicts the tooth will depend on your overall oral health as well as your daily oral hygiene habits. If left untreated for long enough, the decay can infect the root of the tooth…. Read more »

ADA Code of Personal Conduct

Dr. Joel R. Bingham is proud to be a member of the American Dental Association. Our patients truly appreciate the patient-first promise that he and other ADA dentists made as part of the association’s code of ethics. When a dentist joins the ADA, he or she makes five pledges in the ADA Principles of Ethics… Read more »

Teething: All You Need to Know About the Good and Bad Tricks

Teething can be a trying time for you and your child. However, there are things you can do to make it a little bit easier. On the flip side, there are also things you can do that will danger and harm your child. So, to help you soothe your child in the best and safest… Read more »

The Tips You Need to Achieve a Beautiful Christmas Smile

Your dentist, Dr. Joel R. Bingham, and our dental team want you to have the best Christmas holiday possible, which is why we believe you deserve a bright and stunning smile. Having an attractive smile will give you the confidence you need to laugh, talk and smile and feel great doing it. So, if you… Read more »