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Now this the holiday season has arrived, it is a good time to make sure your teeth and gums are treated properly. If you have suffered any dental damage or are the victim of a tooth hazard, it’s important to visit your dentist as soon as possible to ensure treatment can be given. A highly effective form of tooth restoration that can easily repair broken or damaged teeth is dental bonding. Consider the following to determine if a dental bonding treatment is right for you:

– Have you heard that if you have any cracks or chips in your teeth as well as any signs of discoloration, stains, or any other oral irregularities or abnormality, dental bonds are recommended?

– Are you aware that spacing issues between teeth can be treated with dental bonding treatments?

– Do you know that dental bonds are highly effective for elongating teeth to make them look longer?

– Have you heard that if you’re looking to repair any cavities dental bonding treatments can be used as composite resin fillings?

– Are you aware that if you have any issues with exposed roots, you can often look no further than dental bonding treatments and procedures to correct them?

– Do you know that if the look of your teeth is not quite adequate, dental bonding treatments can be used to help improve its aesthetics?

– Have you heard that single dental bonding procedure can effectively function for 10 years of normal wear and tear?

Dental bonding may be the dentistry service you need. For an oral checkup at Premier Dental Care at our dentist office in Nampa, Idaho, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Joel R. Bingham and our team by calling our office at 208-466-6161 .