Professional Teeth Cleanings in Nampa, ID

Keeping Your Smile Feeling Healthy & Beautiful

It’s essential to brush your teeth and floss every day to keep your teeth and gums in top condition. However, a consistent at-home oral hygiene routine isn’t enough to keep your teeth free from decay and bacteria. That’s why it’s essential to visit Dr. Bingham at our Nampa, ID office for routine professional cleanings at least twice a year for your smile.

Want to keep your dental experience simple? Read our guide below to learn more about professional teeth cleanings and preventative dentistry. We also accept patients who reside in Moss, Fischer, Bowmont, and Huston, ID.

What Are Professional Teeth Cleanings?

Professional teeth cleaning is an essential procedure in preventative dentistry. This treatment is cost-effective and helps to prevent certain complications like gum disease, which is a serious condition that can lead to tooth loss. While regular brushing and flossing will remove a majority of dental plaque in your smile, dental tools can thoroughly clean those hard-to-reach places. This will also allow your dentist to check for any underlying symptoms that require immediate dental care such as decay and cavities.

The Benefits of Teeth Cleanings

The best way to protect your smile is by preventing dental issues with teeth cleanings. This routine procedure offers a variety of benefits for patients including:

  • Catching dental issues early
  • Thoroughly removing bacteria and plaque
  • Your overall oral health is boosted and improved
  • Keeping your teeth and gums well maintained
  • Reducing symptoms of bad breath

How We Clean Your Teeth

When you visit Premier Dental Care, your dentist will begin your cleaning by first using specialized dental tooths to gently polish your teeth. These tools allow us to clean areas of your oral cavity that are hard to reach with a regular toothbrush, eliminating any plaque and tartar. By having your teeth thoroughly cleaned at least every six months, your dentist will be able to significantly reduce the risk of tooth decay and other issues.

Once your smile is cleaned, Dr. Bingham will carefully examine your whole mouth to ensure you’re in optimal oral health. If there are any underlying symptoms or issues detected, our team will be able to recommend the appropriate treatment to enhance your smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I schedule dental cleanings?

It’s recommended to schedule a professional dental cleaning at least twice a year, or once every six months. If you’re prone to developing cavities, have a history of periodontal disease, or have certain dental issues, our Nampa, ID dentist may suggest you come in more frequently. It’s important to not skip these appointments, or your smile’s health may suffer.

Can I bring in my child for a professional teeth cleaning?

Yes! It’s never too early to bring your child for a teeth cleaning and teach them good oral hygiene habits. Our dentists are dedicated to treating patients of all ages and will educate your child on the importance of taking care of their teeth. Not only can professional teeth cleanings protect your child’s smile, but they will also set them up for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

What happens if I don’t keep up with my dental cleanings?

Not keeping up with your dental cleanings can cause you to develop dental conditions that’ll threaten your smile’s health. Even if you practice a consistent oral health regimen at home, you may be unaware of certain signs or symptoms that you may be dealing with complications like gum disease or decay. By visiting your dentist for professional dental care, they’ll be able to diagnose any dental problem and provide treatment.

Will dental insurance help pay for my teeth cleaning?

Most insurance companies will help pay for the cost of professional teeth cleaning. We recommend that you contact your provider to get a better understanding of your coverage and benefits. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your dentist or one of our helpful staff members at our Nampa, ID office by calling (208) 466-6161.

Visit Premier Dental Care for Professional Teeth Cleanings

Routine dental cleanings are an essential part of maintaining a healthy smile and shouldn’t be ignored. By visiting Premier Dental Care at least twice a year, Dr. Bingham can help protect your teeth from serious health conditions like gum disease and oral cancer. To schedule your visit, call us at (208) 466-6161 or fill out our convenient online contact form. We also serve patients in Moss, Fischer, Bowmont, and Huston, ID.