Crown Lengthening in Nampa, ID

Improve Your Teeth’s Look

Excess gum tissue can make your teeth look small and more difficult to treat. That’s why at Premier Dental Care, Dr. Bingham is an expert when it comes to improving the appearance of your teeth with crown lengthening. This simple procedure exposes more of your teeth to not only make them appear longer, but also prepare them for further dental procedures.

Your smile may not be receiving the proper dental care it needs due to excess gum tissue. Read our guide below to learn how you can benefit from crown lengthening.

What Is Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening is a cosmetic procedure that’s performed to improve your teeth’s appearance or prepare your smile for further dental treatment. In addition, crown lengthening can also correct what’s known as a “gummy smile,” where your teeth appear unnaturally short due to excess tissue. By recontouring your bone and gum tissue, we can help your smile appear more broad and make it easier to treat your teeth.

The Benefits of Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a common procedure that offers many advantages for patients depending on their oral health needs. Some of the benefits of this treatment include:

  • Improve Your Smile: Excess gum tissue can make your teeth look unnaturally short. Removing this extra issue can create a balanced, healthy appearance.
  • Restore Damaged Teeth: When gum disease causes your gum line to recede, crown lengthening can be used to prepare the area for dental crowns.
  • More Exposure: Crown lengthening exposes more of your teeth, allowing Dr. Bingham to treat cavities and other dental issues that otherwise would have been covered by your gums.

The Crown Lengthening Process

Removing Excess Gums

Before your procedure begins, Dr. Bingham will apply a local anesthetic to ensure you won’t experience any discomfort during your procedure. Any dental crowns you have will be removed prior to treatment and immediately be replaced.

Dr. Bingham will start by making a series of small incisions around the soft tissue to separate the excess gums from the teeth. Multiple teeth will be treated to provide even more recontouring and reshaping. Dr. Bingham will also remove a small amount of bone from around the teeth with the use of special hand and rotary instruments. These tools roughly resemble the drill that is used in our routine cavity treatment and is completely safe.

Aftercare Instructions

When Dr. Bingham is satisfied with the look of your teeth, he’ll clean the wound and the gum tissue will be sutured with small stitches. The surgical site will then be secured with bandages to prevent infection. It will take approximately two to three months to fully heal depending on your oral health.

Am I a Candidate for Crown Lengthening?

If you have aesthetic issues with your gumline or dental issues that require exposing more of the tooth structure, you may be an ideal candidate for crown lengthening. During your consultation with Dr. Bingham, he’ll examine your smile and determine if this treatment is best for you. Our staff will also be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about crown lengthening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is crown lengthening painful?

Dr. Bingham will apply a local anesthetic before your procedure, so you won’t experience any pain throughout the process. Our staff will also be there to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. While you may experience some discomfort afterwards, this subsides on its own and can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

How long does crown lengthening take?

The length of your procedure will depend on how many teeth are being treated. In most cases, crown lengthening can be completed in as little as one hour here at our Nampa office. During your initial consultation, Dr. Bingham will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate as to how long your procedure will take.

How do I take care of my gums after surgery?

After your procedure, Dr. Bingham will provide you with a list of instructions on how to care for your teeth after undergoing crown lengthening. We recommend using a mouth rinse so that you reduce the amount of bacteria on your teeth’s surface. After two to three months, your gums should be fully healed and ready to show off your new smile.

Does insurance cover crown lengthening?

Most insurance companies will cover a portion of your crown lengthening. Our office recommends that you contact your provider to get an accurate understanding of your policy. During your initial consultation with Dr. Bingham, they’ll be able to give an estimate as to how much the procedure will cost. We also offer financing options to help make the cost of your treatment more affordable.

Fix Your Smile’s Appearance Today

If you suffer from a “gummy” smile or require dental care for the unexposed portions of your teeth, Dr. Bingham can enhance the health of your smile with crown lengthening. Contact our Nampa, ID office today by calling (208) 466-6161 or by filling out an online contact form. We look forward to helping you improve your smile’s aesthetic.