Oral Cancer Screenings in Nampa, ID

Early Detection & Treatment A man and a woman are on a coffee date, happy and healthy because of oral cancer screening.

The thought of having oral cancer is rightfully unnerving. Thankfully, you can put your mind at ease with frequent oral cancer screening from a professional. When routine checkups lead to early diagnosis, the disease is much more treatable. At Premier Dental Care in Nampa, ID, we examine your jaw for even the slightest signs of oral cancer during every general dental appointment. 

Read more about how oral cancer screening can lead to more effective treatments in Dr. Bingham’s guide below. 


The Oral Cancer Screening Process

An oral cancer screening is a dental exam that allows a professional to look for signs of cancer or premalignant lesions in your mouth. The five-minute process is non-invasive and painless, giving our dentists a detailed view of all areas of your mouth. 

Patients generally should schedule a dental exam and checkup every six months. Along with helping you maintain good oral health, your routine visits give our dentists a chance to perform your oral cancer screening at least twice a year for preventative measures.

The Importance of Early Detection

We provide such frequent oral cancer screenings because early detection leads to more successful treatments. The sooner we diagnose any signs of oral cancer, the better the results of your treatment will be. 

The benefits of receiving oral cancer screenings are:

  • It’s an easy process — Dr. Bingham will check for signs of cancer during every routine oral health checkup. 
  • It’s a free exam — We perform this at the same time as your general examination, so there’s no additional cost.
  • It’s a life-saving procedure — The survival rate for oral cancer increases the sooner you receive a diagnosis and treatment. 


The Signs of Oral Cancer

Although it takes a professional to diagnose oral cancer definitively, it’s still crucial to watch out for the signs during your daily oral health routine.

The symptoms of oral cancer include: 

  • Inflammation, rough spots, or sores on the lips, gums, or other mouth tissues A woman sits still and smiles during her oral cancer screening
  • White, red, or speckled velvety patches in the mouth
  • Unexplained oral bleeding, pain, or numbness in the mouth
  • Persistent lower facial sores
  • Sore or blocked throat and changes to the voice
  • Difficulty moving the mouth, tongue, or jaw to speak and eat
  • Ear pain
  • Change in bite alignment
  • Dramatic, sudden weight loss


Ask Dr. Bingham About Oral Cancer Screenings

You can feel confident that you’re protected against oral cancer when you visit Premier Dental Care in Nampa, ID. We work hard to give our patients accurate, swift diagnoses if we find any signs during your oral cancer screening. That’s because detection of cancer during its earliest stages can increase the survivability of the condition. Learn more about your routine oral cancer screenings when you schedule your consultation with Dr. Bingham.

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