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We know how frustrating it can be for a patient to develop a cavity even after practicing the daily routines of brushing and flossing. We know that sometimes even though good habits are practiced involving your dental care, a cavity can still occur. Don’t kick yourself, Dr. Joel R. Bingham offers several treatments to help you get rid of the cavity and save your tooth.

The most common option for treating a cavity is a dental filling. After cleaning out the cavity, Dr. Joel R. Bingham will fill it in with a special resin which bonds to the tooth in order to add strength.

In the case of a cavity being too large for a filling to be effective, and the tooth still retains enough strength, a partial crown will be used. Depending on its installation, a partial crown is referred to as an inlay or onlay. A partial crown will repair your cavity while adding the extra strength necessary for your tooth.

If the cavity is responsible for decaying the majority of the tooth, a dental crown will be required to save your tooth. A crown will be created for your tooth in a dental lab, and be installed to replace the decayed enamel after its removal.

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