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If you are a victim of tooth loss, the gap left behind can lead to further problems for your oral health. One of the problems is due in large part to the gap in your smile which, if left unfilled, can destabilize your gums and cause your other teeth to loosen and shift. Another reason is because the area could become infected or turn into as a safe-haven for bacteria to arise and thrive.

One of the benefits of dental bridges is that they can restore your facial structure that is corrupted due to missing teeth. If you suffer from missing teeth, your jaw and face sink in for a less appealing look that adds age to your smile. With dental bridges, you can restore your facial structure for a much more youthful appearance.  

Dental bridges are a sturdy fix to your tooth loss. Bridges can provide a realistic artificial tooth replacement that looks and functions like normal teeth. One important benefit they offer is that they are held in place by directly attaching to neighboring teeth for a secure bond. With proper care, this bond can potentially last a lifetime of wear and tear.

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