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Do you have diabetes? That means taking care of your mouth even more important than usual. Studies have shown that a diabetes diagnosis is connected to mouth infections like gum disease, dry mouth, and oral thrush.

There is a powerful statistical connection between gum disease and diabetes. Gum disease can harm your gums and jawbone, leading to painful chewing problems and even losing teeth. It also in turn affects how well you can control your blood sugar, which can be particularly problematic for diabetics.

Diabetes can also generate a chronically dry mouth. Dry mouth happens when your salivary glands produce inadequate amounts of saliva. Saliva is vital for your oral health because it contains natural cleansing and nourishing minerals which seriously aid in tooth health. A lack of saliva can lead to tooth decay. A boost in glucose levels can even transport more sugar into your saliva, which can in turn spread throughout your mouth and cancel out its nourishing effects. Dry mouth can also contribute to a condition called oral thrush, in which the affected individual has painful white patches in the mouth.

You can prevent these issues with a few good regular practices: controlling your blood glucose levels, brushing twice a day, flossing once a day and visiting the dentist twice a year. If you do these things, you can have good oral health and a happier life.

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