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If you have developed tooth decay in your smile or need to choose a method of restorative dentistry to repair your smile and its appearance, then we encourage you to consider receiving a dental bridge. We are pleased to offer further information on dental bridges and how they can meet your smile needs to improve your oral health.

What is a dental bridge?
Bridges are single pieces of dental work that, true to name, bridge a gap in the teeth caused by a missing tooth. The bridge acts to fill this gap with a false tooth by anchoring the dental crowns on each side to neighboring teeth around the gap. The crowns enable the replacement tooth or teeth to remain stable and strong like a normal tooth so that it won’t slip in your mouth or fall out while you chew.

What can a dental bridge repair?
Dental bridges are an excellent method to address missing teeth by using their placement to improve smile appearance and strengthen your bite force. This helps to prevent a misaligned bite from causing further dental health problems.

If you have suffered tooth loss and would like to receive restorative dentistry to repair a tooth, then please feel free to call Premier Dental Care today at 208-466-6161 and arrange a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Joel R. Bingham, to learn more about a dental bridge in Nampa, Idaho.